PRICE – $9,990.00


  • World first positive displacement supercharger for S65 engine
  • World first front drive front inlet Eaton TVS 1740 supercharger
  • Inverted supercharger design for increased plenum capacity and maximum hood clearance
  • Twin intercooler cores for increased thermal efficiency
  • Unique electronic bypass actuation control
  • OE appearance and operation and utilizes factory air filter
  • Available for both DCT or manual transmission variants

Designed and manufactured by Harrop to OE standards specifically for the E9X M3, this world first Supercharger kit utilizes the latest generation Eaton TVS supercharger technology. With maximum boost response from the positive displacement TVS1740 Supercharger delivered from low rpm all the way to the 8000rpm redline, the Harrop kit is unrivalled in its power and torque delivery – Exactly how the popular M3 S65 V8 engine should have been delivered from the BMW showroom floor.

As a master distributor and technology partner of Eaton Supercharger and Traction products for over 12 years, Harrop has leveraged their OEM design and manufacturing capability to design a world leading system that is unmatched in functionality and performance. Installation is of OE appearance and fitment is leveraged from designing and supplying OE customer supercharger programs including Ford and Lotus. With customers around the world, the Harrop M3 kit has been extensively tested on both road and track applications to ensure maximum durability and performance.

A unique feature of this system is the electronically controlled bypass valve that reduces drag (parasitic loss) from the Supercharger rotating group and this also means better fuel consumption in “off boost” everyday driving. Calibration project development was undertaken in-house for more than 18 months using resources in Australia, Europe and the USA, with BPM Sport assisting with fine tuning due their extensive knowledge of the S65 ECU and its operating system.


  • Inverted Harrop TVS1740 FDFI Supercharger with integrated electric bypass valve
  • Supercharger intake manifold including high efficiency intercooler cores
  • Unique billet 6PK FEAD idler bracket and 6PK Supercharger drive belt
  • Replacement high flow injectors
  • High efficiency heat exchanger with maximum surface area and combined mounting brackets
  • High volume Electric Intercooler pump, Coolant Reservoir and moulded hoses
  • All associated fasteners, hoses and fittings required
  • VIN locked Tune file included (installer needs Tactrix download tool for file deployment, which is not included and needs to be purchased separately)


  • Stage 1 – 496hp / 387 ft-lbs
  • Note – Quoted power figures are measured at the hubs on our Harrop HQ dynamometer

Enginerring Performance